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ALWSCI Storage Vials

A full range storage vials. Extensively in environmental, food, and pharmaceutical applications, suitable for the packaging of various pharmaceutical intermediates, high value-added chemicals, chemical reagents, biological reagents, cosmetics, essences and oils, etc. Suitable for long-term storage and transportation of products, has excellent sealing performance

ALWSCI-002 / Буклет / 1 МБ

Welch WiSys 5000 HPLC System

WiSys 5000 is named after Wise and System, meaning a smart system. WiSys 5000 HPLC system is the crystallization of wisdom. In addition to intelligent (automatic computer operation) and systematic innovation, WiSys 5000 HPLC system developed by Welch Materials, Inc. also has characteristics of high flexibility and applicability. If you are looking for a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with competitive price, WiSys 5000 series is your optimal choice

Welch-004 / Буклет / 1 МБ

NanoChrom Chromatography Consumables Product Catalog

NanoChrom Technologies (NanoChrom) is a technology-driven company, specialized in the research, development, and manufacturing of chromatography consumables and related applications

NanoChrom-001 / Каталог / 33 МБ

ALWSCI Technologies - Solutions for Chromatography. Catalogue 2022

As a global supplier of Chromatography Vials, Closures, Septa and Syringe Filters, ALWSCI devote analytical test and laboratory consumables to provide high quality, efficient service and favorable price

ALWSCI-001 / Каталог / 6 МБ

Welchrom QuEChERS Catalog

Welch Materials QuEChERS catalog

Welch-003 / Каталог / 1 МБ

Welchrome SPE Product Catalog

Welch Materials Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) columns catalog

Welch-002 / Каталог / 1 МБ