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Welch GC Consumables Catalog

Welch Materials have concentrated on GC R&D and production for many years, and each column would be tested strictly before selling with attached column report. Welch columns are characterized by stable properties, high column efficiency and good reproducibility. Welch Gas column can be divided into two types: WM Series High Performance GC Column and WEL Series Economical GC Column, which can meet the analysis requirements of various customers.

Welch-004 / Каталог / 2 МБ

K2025 High Performance Liquid Chromatography

The Wooking K2025 is designed to be reliable, precise, ease of use, and compliant. Wooking is aiming to provide a better user experience and become the world's leading provider of scientific instruments and services

Hanon-001 / Буклет / 2 МБ

ALWSCI Storage Vials

A full range storage vials. Extensively in environmental, food, and pharmaceutical applications, suitable for the packaging of various pharmaceutical intermediates, high value-added chemicals, chemical reagents, biological reagents, cosmetics, essences and oils, etc. Suitable for long-term storage and transportation of products, has excellent sealing performance

ALWSCI-002 / Буклет / 1 МБ