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Agilent Cary 3500 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer User’s Guide

5994-0319EN / Руководство пользователя / 496 КБ

TrayCell - The fiber-optic ultra-micro cell for UV-Vis analysis. User Manual

The TrayCell comprises a fiber-optic measuring cell and a cap with an integrated mirror. A small drop (0.7 μl-10 μl) of sample is pipetted onto the window and the cap is then placed on top. The precisely defined spacing between the window and the mirror inside the cap ensures that the optical path length is accurate and remains constant. It is therefore impossible for the path length to change, rendering costly calibrations and readjustments unnecessary. Light is guided through the sample via prisms and fiber-optic waveguides, reflected in the mirror and then guided back out of the TrayCell to the detector via the waveguides.

064-500-PB03-725 / Руководство пользователя / 9 МБ

Agilent G6691A ADM Flow Meter. Operating Instructions

The ADM Flow Meter has been designed to accurately measure the flow of gases commonly used in Gas Chromatography without knowledge of the gas type or mixture composition

G6691-90000 / Руководство пользователя / 1 МБ

Agilent Enhancer Cell. Operator’s Manual

The Enhancer Cell Assembly, designed for research, quality control, and product development laboratories, is a PTFE cell with adjustable volume and a screw cap to retain the skin or artificial membrane

70-9072 / Руководство пользователя / 1 МБ

Agilent G6696A Oil Free IDP-3 Scroll Pump for Turbo 597X

This guide describes how to replace an Edwards, Pfeiffer, or Agilent Rotary Vane Pump, or Pfeiffer Diaphragm pump, with the Agilent G6696A Oil Free IDP-3 Scroll Pump for Turbo 597X on Agilent Technologies Series 5973/75/77 MSD instruments

G6696-900101 / Руководство пользователя / 2 МБ

ИСП-ОЭС Agilent 5100. Руководство пользователя

G8010-98002 / Руководство пользователя / 1 МБ