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Your Essential Resource for Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is an essential part of successful chromatography. It extends column lifetime, reduces the need for repeated samples, and minimizes interferences that can jeopardize your separation, detection, and quantification. Agilent offers the most complete line of sample preparation products across the full spectrum of instrumentation

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Your Essential Resource for Spectroscopy Supplies

Agilent leads the way with our best-in-class portfolio of atomic and molecular spectroscopy systems. Our comprehensive and trusted portfolio offers the most powerful and reliable solutions for diverse application areas such as energy and chemicals, environmental, food safety and agriculture, geochemistry, materials testing and research, semiconductor analysis, pharmaceutical, academic, and life science research

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Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Columns. Ordering Guide

Based on superficially porous particle technology, InfinityLab Poroshell 120 columns feature a solid silica core and a porous outer layer. Compared to traditional totally porous particles of the same (or similar) size, Poroshell particles deliver higher chromatographic efficiencies and enable fast, high-resolution separations

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Dissolution Systems Source Book. 2017-2018 Edition

With a rich history in supporting the pharmaceutical industry, Agilent offers solutions for drug discovery, development, and manufacturing. The addition of the dissolution business furthers Agilent’s support of the pharmaceutical industry through a portfolio of leading dissolution instrumentation and services. Being part of a company that provides the leading UV-Vis and HPLC solutions to the pharmaceutical industry allows us to offer complete workflow solutions, from dissolution apparatus, sampling devices, analytical instruments and the software to control them

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Your Essential Resource for InfinityLab LC Supplies

The InfinityLab family is an optimized portfolio of LC instruments, columns, and supplies designed to work together seamlessly for maximum efficiency and performance - regardless of application area. Supporting your efforts to increase your analytical, instrument, and laboratory efficiency in your everyday work

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Agilent Vials and Sample Containment Solutions. Consistent Quality Maximum Productivity

It’s easy to think of vials as simple, inexpensive components that don’t affect your results. However, substandard vials, caps, and septa can lead to sample loss, contamination, and damaged autosampler needles. Agilent understands that vials are a critical part of your analytical workflow - no less important than the column or the instrument

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